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    -all positions are possible-

    Innovation of  Window-Constrution

    Sliding windows can be opened wholly

    ISYFLEX-turn and -sliding elements are innovations and also patents.
    These constructions are especially suitable for Winter-Gardens, as well as for renovations of older buildings, the balconies of which now can be turned in wintergardens, furthermore for hotels and office buildings etc.
    New features as to construction are given by using ISYFLEX- elements. These elements are up to nowadays without alternatives:

      variable opening possibilities, partially open for ventilation up to 6 panels at the maximumno panels in the room, even when panels being movedcleaning without risk from the inner areasealed and heatconserving by using approved profile systems

    Handling of ISYFLEX-elements is very simple: after the first Turn-Tilt-panel was normally opend, for the next panel a small handle is actuated and the panel is sled onto the first opened panel.
    Further turning of the small Handle allows this panel to be stored parallely to the already turned open panel. All the same way. Alternatively these panel might be parked at any wanted position, which means simple handling.
    ISYFLEX-windows-hardware ware offered.


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